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Content in the works. It will range from multiple topics including Programming, Being a father, Being a husband, Exercise, Nutrition, Gaming and pretty much my journey to becoming the man I want to be.

Balancing Work Life Work by Jason Ramsey on Wednesday 28th 2017

I'm sure you've heard the expression of balancing work and life, throw some kids into the mix and that can spice things up. Now throw a side business and your world flips upside down! How do we handle Work Life Work day to day?

The Perfect Morning by Jason Ramsey on Tuesday 27th 2017

Yesterday I asked: 'What does a perfect day look like to you? How does it start? How does it end?' Let's dive into the morning and see what we can come up with.

Day Two of Getting Started by Jason Ramsey on Monday 26th 2017

Awoke at 5:20am to start the grind. My youngest daughter wanted to join the action, so she woke up early too and joined me 5:30. I had her sit in the high chair next to me at the computer while she munched on some cheerios.

Getting Started by Jason Ramsey on Sunday 25th 2017

I keep thinking of an idea. No action. I think of another idea. No action. I want to break that pattern and actually get started. I want to use this platform as a personal log through my quest of getting started.