History of PallyTank.com

I loved playing my human paladin on Echo Islands. It was in 2007 that I started getting interested in using a paladin to tank some of the lower level dungeons. People were saying that I wouldn't be able to tank and would kick me from groups. I created this site to prove that paladin COULD tank!

2007 back to top

Pallytank.com launched

2008 back to top

Started adding tips and macros about being a paladin tank.

Added a custom forum to post questions

2010 back to top

I relaunched the site in 2010. I added in dungeons and gear.

2011 back to top

Continued to refine the gear and dungeon lookup.

2012 back to top

Stopped making updates and so pallytank.com sat.

2018 - August back to top

Loading up Pallytank.com again.